Online store of clothing

We are bound by long-standing friendship with Red and Dog shopkeepers. So when we turned to the customer with the task to redesign and modify the functionality of their current site, we gladly agreed.


The new design has been developed with the stylistics according to store ideology - quality, simple and stylish things that are ideal for people of large cities.


One of main features on new version of store became array of colors and sizes on the product card, which allows buyers to find quickly the right model for yourself. Also as part of this work it has been simplified ordering process and implemented filters on category pages.

  • Opencart 1.5
  • Bootrstrap 3
  • jQuery
  • MySql
  • Own cabinet
  • Array of colours and sizes on product card
  • Integration with Tumblr blog
  • Integration with social networks
  • Online payment
  • Seo requirements implementation
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Participants comments

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Zak designer

The store had existing logo in black and white, so the color scheme of the future design was predetermined. We chose the concept of style and minimalism, so the site hasn’t much graphic content. The entire emphasis is on what not to interfere with the buyer to choose a beautiful and bright things and distract him with unneccessary stylistic elements.

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Gennadiy client

Mind Team has implemented all of our needs and functional requirements. I am very pleased with our collaboration.