Our new site and Mind Team birthday

At the end of July, according to the tradition, we celebrate the birth of Mind Team. And on its second anniversary, we have made great gift for ourselve - a new version of mindteam.com.ua site. All members of our team worked over the concept, design,  content and technology implementation, so we are very proud of our work results.

Birthday is not only a time to celebrate, but to sum up, to make plans for the future. 
During two years of our work there were many events that brought us different emotions - joy, insipration. stress. But all of them was transformed into the experience and results, into ability to solve problems and to find common  ground with people.

Over these years we have worked on outsource projects and geography is rather wide - Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Bangladesh, Pakistan. Experience in international projects is priceless, and we certainly will tcontinue to go beyond the Ukrainian market.

During this time we were lucky enough to get acquainted with many Ukrainian businessmen, who are trying to develop business and build a bright future in this country right now against all odds, and know how to use a significant tool of our time as information technology for this purposes. Many of them have become our clients and we are very happy to cooperate. We thank them for their patience, understanding and interesting projects.

And in these two years we have learned what is the most difficult task - the construction of the team, to find people who are able to become part of that Mind Team, which is embedded in our company name. During this time we have found friends among colleagues and colleagues among friends. We hope that we all helped each other at a certain time way. Thank you for your performance, good mood, thank you for writing kilometers of code and hundreds of closed tasks.

We would like to say special thanks to our relatives and friends for their support.

In July, in addition to the launch of our new website, we had another very important event for us. We moved to a new office, which instantly homely atmosphere prevailed, and the creativity and efficiency increased by 200%. We are very optimistic about the future and we hope that next year we can find more words and reasons to once say again our gratitude and to share the results of their work.

Sincerely yours, Mind Team.

Published at:26.07.2016