Effective ways to attract clients to attend e-shop via Instagram

We want to tell you about capabilities of social networking Instagram and how you can use it for your business. It is quite important to improve the business account in Instagram for the e-shop owners. This will help to increase the flow of visitors to a site and conversion.

Ways to improve Instagram account are below.

1.Enliven your photos

It is important to post surprising photos of your products with different foreshortening, with extraordinary background and new surroundings. You can use beautiful pictures and backgrounds of this social network.

2. Make videos about your products/service

15-second videos will diversify your account.

3. Use #hashtags

You can use hashtags related to the topic of your e-store and those which emphasize features of the product / service, to increase your sales. Using such resources like Webstagram or IconoSquare, you can use keywords and easily find hashtags that will help you to expand customer base.

4. Assign an expert opinion to your product 

Mentioning your page in Instagram and demonstration of the use of your product in a powerful account with a huge number of subscribers, who are the absolute target audience for your e-shop, can be great additional advertising of your business. You do not need to spend huge amounts of money - enough to do the same for partners (barter method).

5. Attract new subscribers with the help of your competitor

Look for those who have already expressed interest to similar products and services. Analyze lists of subscribers of your direct competitors and try to lure them to your account.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  • Like subscriber’s photo
  • Comment photos
  • Subscribe to the potential client’s account

Of course, it is scrupulous and difficult work, but it is necessary to attract new subscribers, this will boost the popularity of your e-shop and increase sales.

6. Conduct photo contests and advertising campaigns

Here are some basic examples:

In fact, there are a lot of variations of advertising campaigns and contests; these are great tools for the account, which can be used for different purposes. This is important to pay attention to the consistency with the objectives and concepts of your account.

7. Interact with your subscribers

  • Answer to all the questions and comments of your subscribers
  • Post stories about your subscribers and regular customers
  • Make post regularly, but reasonably

Update your profile every day. Post the relevant information: about discounts, new incomings, seasonal sales, the new brand emerging, useful advices, connected with your products. Share your mood, so your subscribers could understand that you are a real person.

Try, experiment, and you will succeed and see the result!

Sincerely, Mind Team.

Published at:11.02.2016