E-commerce trends on the world market

In our previous article we did a statistical overview of e-commerce in the world, today we would like to tell you about in what direction e-commerce is developing and what current trends exist in this area.


We can see mutual transformation of the market - offline business begins to actively appear online and online business begins to do offline sales. 


More platforms constantly appear on online market. In our country, the online trading began to actively use a variety of convenience stores (example - prom.ua, hotline, rozetka, Yandex Market), in other words C2C-ecommerce is developing. At the same time, a growing number of online services appear that allow creating an online store on the readymade engine with built-in functionality and API for integration with their data (example - Shopify, Ticktail, Bigcommerce).

Cross-border trade

This is the main trend in world trade; it erases geographical bindings while implementing trade operations via the Internet (example AliExpress). The branch is already formed its major leaders, and compete with them will be difficult.

Drones (new methods of logistics)

Nowadays, it is certainly the most promising way of logistics operations optimization. Shipping drones advantage is that there is no chain of intermediaries, i.e. one purchase - one delivery apparatus, the delivery can be realized within one hour. The complexity of such use is not only in technology, but in the absence of a legislative basis for their use. Recently, in the United States engineers have begun making a testing ground for various drone systems. There are difficulties with the construction of drones throughout the world – in some parts of the world you can develop the business system, and in other parts this activity is completely prohibited.

Tech machines on autopilot are already exist, but they are not allowed to travel on the road, they move with a limited speed by pedestrian zones. It could also be a future delivery technique.

Ukraine is now one of the world leaders in the drones development, mainly due to the hostilities. In our country there are about 30 working groups that develop hardware and software for the drones. There are companies on the Ukrainian market that attract investors in this area from United States and Europe. In our country, there are the smartest developers who show good results, it remains only to take a step into the future and start using these technologies for peaceful purposes.

Typical e-commerce

By saying this we mean huge global giants, whose work has already been formed on the federal level (Amazon, eBay or Zappos). Funding flows of this trend in the world are non-existent, but there are 2 regions that are actively developing this direction. It is the EU and the emerging markets. Europe is actively developing this branch, as customers with the ability to buy are present here and a partition is present also, partition not only of countries and jurisdictions, but also of mental and language groups. It provides a huge range of markets in which you can develop. Also, there are many medium-sized niches that are not yet occupied in the EU. Classic e-commerce market in the EU, is less developed than in the US. Delivery systems are not worked out as in the US.

Sales process (sales pipeline)

Nowadays cost of customer attraction is of interest on global market. This is one of the key indicators, which is necessary to assess the profitability of the business and its development. Therefore, innovative projects are actively developing on the basis of such business models: Open Source, SaaS, Freemium and other, for which e-commerce are the customers. They improve the optimization of management processes, sales pipeline and increase conversion.
A lot of innovative projects that attract investment are present in our country.

Recent trends show how fast e-commerce goes beyond the traditional forms of trade. The main reasons of this phenomenon are the development of technologies and innovations. All this leads to the discovery of new frontiers of interaction, blurred boundaries, opening of an access to previously closed markets (due to  geographical reasons).

Published at:16.03.2016