Actual web design trends

Flat Design

Use a large, bright space, large buttons, clear fonts - all of these properties will help your website look attractive. Try not using in a flat design all kinds of three-dimensional combinations that may burden the page. A flat design perfectly combines with other trends such as minimalism, responsive and material web design. When using Flat design, you will achieve fast loading pages, which is important, because users do not want to waste time and wait for the loading of the page.

Smart (hidden) menu

When saying smart menu we mean hidden navigation, which occurs in the right place, taking into account the user's actions. Its essence lies in that the display of the menu reacts on the scroll of the site and the current location of the user.


A short looped video is used on websites as a background. It is used to attract the user's attention to a particular message. This may be a short history of the company, or any particular story about the service / product.

Grid (large blocks designing)

This solution reminds a virtual collage. Thanks to it, you can just show the whole list of products or services, which are present on the site. Correctly planned grid can make navigation on the site very easy.

Fixed header

This is a good navigation solution for any Internet resource. When the user scrolls the site header always remain fixed at the top of the site. The main advantage of this solution is it fit perfectly the design of the page, without harming the main content. When fixing header, you give visitors the opportunity to move freely around the site, not skipping a page.

Emphasis using typography 

Typography - a decoration of the text by a set and layout. An important role is played by the font with the help of which the user focuses attention on a particular content or title block. With the help of typography it is possible to create a special site image and differentiate it from its competitors. Within this trend usually use large fonts, italics and capital letters. It is also becoming widely applicable to draw typography (by pen).

Refusal of stock photos

One of the most important elements in the site content is images. It is better to use the original professional ordered photos, and refuse stock photos. This will add the uniqueness and originality to your content.

Draw illustrations

Trends in the world go away from the monotony now, so today is popular to draw special illustrations and icons separately for each customer. Sometimes, in the concept of the project there is a strong need to differ from its competitors. As an option you can use special drawn illustrations and typography in a design. 

Blurring of boundaries between the reality and developed reality

We begin to deal with the blurring of boundaries between the reality and developed reality. The result of this approach will be stunning. It's like a leap from virtual reality to websites. This feature will ease making choice and will help to find content easily - such personal approach users like. This trend comprises extraordinary images, they are so realistic, that you are only aware of the illusion. For a better understanding you can look at the example.

Animation and interaction

Animation has become a trend for many years ago, but now it has reached a new level when with its help users can interact with the device using the site. It depends on whether the user’s loyalty spreads on a web site or application.

As we can see, the design is developed together with the web industry in response to users' needs, the emergence of new technologies and market trends. To produce successful conversion projects it is very important to keep up to date in all aspects, including design. Well-developed design is an integral part of the success of the project.

Published at:30.03.2016